Heat Your Pool, NOT the Globe


  • How much do you enjoy your pool? 

  • Do you have a gas heater for your pool that you only use for special occasions? 

  • When you do use the gas heater, do you try not to think about all that CO2 going into the atmosphere?

Now there’s a way for you to experience a longer pool season that is also environmentally friendly. WarmSpring can help you get more enjoyment from your pool while going easy on your wallet and the atmosphere.

WarmSpring is the latest technology in energy-efficient, nonpolluting pool heating.

Unless you live in a dense forest, it is likely you have an untapped heat source right on your premises.  Although no one planned it that way, the roof and attic portion of your house is actually a solar collector.  Have you noticed that during much of the year, this upper portion of your house is quite effective in collecting hot air?

With WarmSpring, that hot air is taken out of your attic, then harnessed to warm your pool or spa.

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  • “Just a note to tell you all how pleased we are with our Warm Spring unit.
    We have an in ground spa approx. 10' in radius and 3.5 ft deep.
    We have natural gas for heating the spa. However, our roof mounted WS unit has pushed the water temp as high as 108 degrees. This helps my wife's back and joint discomfort while doing so at virtually not energy cost. As a matter of fact we have not seen any change in electricity bills.
    Thank you so much for this great appliance.”
    by Randy & Neva Murphy, TX

  • Happy Homeowner & Friends enjoying their WarmSprings heated Spa!

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